Spring 2015 season on hold

April 2015: Wee Folk Club season on hold

The Wee Folk Club has been running a twice-monthly concert series out of the back room at the Dominion on Queen for about a year or so, a location that was a perfect fit for the club and where it happily moved from its original location at the Imperial Pub.

The Dominion has been under construction since September. While the Wee Folk Club, the performers in the series, and the wonderful audience members have been very patient and accommodating during those renovations, unfortunately, the club could not continue to run throughout the construction.

At this time, a suitable venue has not been found to replace the Dominion. As a result, the decision has been made to cancel the rest of the Wee Folk Club season.

The club fully intends to operate again once a new venue has been found, so please stay tuned for announcements about future seasons.

Many thanks to the great singers and players and audience members who have been supporting the club. Sincere apologies to those affected by the cancellations.