The wee folk club in Toronto is a recreation of what was best in British
folk clubs:
A small room in a pub where singers sang songs with stories in them.
You know – FOLK Songs.

The Dominion on Queen is easily accessible by public transit,
at 500 Queen Street East (at Sumach).
The wee room is at the back, past the bar.
There is food and drink service in the club.

We run the club the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month;
each concert starts at 7:30pm sharp.

We have a roster of excellent singers who will sing
for the love of their songs.
And we’ll pick up noteworthy singers travelling through Toronto as well.

The audience will be able
to hear songs worth listening to,
and join in when the chorus inspires…

The entrance fee is $10 per person.
Check the list of performers and dates.